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SprayMasters UK – Caravan Kitchen Cabinet Painting Near Me!

caravan kitchen cabinet painting services
caravan kitchen cabinet painting
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Professional Caravan Spray Painting Services

How can we help You? are you Wondering about pricing? Process? Please read on & if we miss anything maybe you can contact us & we can further assist you. 

Caravan Kitchen Cabinet Painting

In 2023 we sprayed painted a motorhome internally. Everything bar the windows got sprayed. 

Caravan Kitchen Cabinet Painting Near Me

  • Local Experts You Can Trust: With over two decades of expertise in paint and spray painting, SprayMasters UK stands as a beacon of excellence in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area. Our hands-on experience ensures your caravan kitchen cabinets are not just painted but transformed.

  • Coast Armour Guard Coatings: Embrace the ultimate protection for your caravan kitchen cabinets. Our exclusive Coast Armour Guard coatings are engineered to withstand the harsh realities of travel and use, ensuring a finish that’s not only luxurious but durable.

  • Full Interior Makeovers: Why stop at the cabinets? SprayMasters UK offers comprehensive interior makeovers, turning your caravan into a haven of style and comfort. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees a flawless finish, making your space look and feel brand new.

  • Affordable Luxury: At SprayMasters UK, we believe in elevating your caravan’s aesthetics without draining your wallet. Our solutions are designed to be cost-effective alternatives to purchasing new, offering you a luxury finish at a fraction of the cost.

  • SprayMasters UK: Offer full exterior & interior coating solutions for motorhomes & caravans. Specialist coatings are great value for money, they not only extend the life of your caravan but also protect it. We use premium products to ensure a long lasting finish. 10 to 15 years worth of protection. Investing in high quality products is the right way to go. 

Why Choose Us


Save money by Spraying over buying New. Spray Smart, Save Big

Quick turn Around

We offer express turn around on all Spraying Projects. Rapid Service

Superior Coatings

All our exterior & interior coatings are superior to anything else there

Trusted by many

We have transformed many motorhomes & caravans.

Trusted Spraying Company

SprayMasters UK 

Armour Guard Coatings for your Motorhome & Caravan, Long Lasting protection


A: SprayMasters only use premium quality materials & coatings to ensure a long lasting finish with minimal up keep. The coatings are guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer.  They also come with a 5 year UV guarantee. 

A: With proper preparation and quality materials, painted caravan cabinets can maintain their appearance for years. It’s crucial to choose the right type of paint (Coating) Invest in the best quality 

A: Yes, you can paint plastic trims, but the success largely depends on the type of plastic. Hard, inflexible plastic trims hold paint well and can be touched up as needed. However, flexible trims, like those around countertops and cabinet edges, may not retain paint as effectively and might require a different approach or replacement if painting does not hol

Absolutely, GRP cladding sprays up beautifully. Many modern static caravans are now wrapped in GRP Cladding and some fade after 5 years. Our coatings are specially made for that kind of hard plastic. 

A: We can literally spray all of it. from the roof down to the floor we have a coating for every substrate. Our coatings are premium quality so your investment will be money well spent. You won’t have a problem. 

A: It typically starts at £650 for a small caravan but most customers have the worktop sprayed & all the surround. 

A: The cost to spray a caravan all the way round depends on size, condition and location. It typically starts at £2.5k to understand what’s involved in the pricing you can contact us and we can explain in much more detail to further help you. 

A: We often carry out site visits for a firm fixed price. If it is merely an indication of cost you are looking for we can help you out by giving you some figures over some images. People will often send in images & videos by WhatsApp & we will help them that way. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you need any additional information or have any further questions. We take pride in our ability to provide clear and concise responses that will help alleviate any uncertainties you may have.

Caravan Kitchen Cabinet Painting Near Me

Caravan Painting Services By SprayMasters UK – We are Based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. We offer our Top Notch Caravan & Motorhome spraying services nationwide. 

We’re extremely confident in our ability to provide you with personalized assistance, valuable insights and advice, detailed pricing information, and everything else that you may need, whenever you may need it. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime – we’re always here to support and assist you in every way we can.

SprayMasters UK

Caravan Kitchen Cabinet Painting Near Me

Caravan Kitchen Cabinet Painting Near Me

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